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The Handmaids Tale versus I Will Keep Broken Things Essay

People require energy to function. Energy is provided by fuel. For humans, fuel is not simply food and water, but rather, love and a sense of meaning. This is the truth; life is not complete without love. In The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, handmaid is the name given to a women placed within a Commander’s home for the purpose of reproduction. Offred is the narrator of this dystopian society, and she bears the burden of being separated from her husband and daughter to fulfill her new role in society. In â€Å"I Will Keep Broken Things† by Alive Walker, a woman conveys her emotions through an incredibly fractured poem. She is broken, and suffers from loss, as she produces imagery of an urn (Walker 4-5), and refers to memories, as if the†¦show more content†¦Similarly, the narrator of the poem cherishes: â€Å"The memory/Of/Those/Long/Delicious/Night/Swims/With/You;† (Walker 39-48). This memory has become broken because it is shared between t wo people, one of which is no longer present. It becomes a lock with two keys, one of which is missing. This excerpt gives insight that the narrator is suffering a loss related to a relationship of some kind, presumably romantic, as suggested by the use of the word delicious. Despite a loss of such close proximity, the narrator can take this memory and cherish it. She must come to the realization that this memory remains the same, despite a newly acquired absence. The memories of these two characters are not altered by the present, and can still be used to bring happiness through reflection and joyful revelations of the past. Offred and Walker’s narrator both use memories as motivators. For as long as somebody is thinking of someone, they are not truly gone. A life devoid of love creates a period of vigorous mental instability and often opens eyes and promotes changes in lifestyle and perspective. This transformation is almost never a smooth one, and somebody travelling down a pathway can easily lose their way and travel off the beaten trail. Where they end up is always relative to their situation. For instance, as their journey

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Bernice Bobs Her Hair - 1475 Words

This critical circle is not close enough to the stage to see the actors faces and catch the subtler by play (Fitzgerald 1). The metaphor of the Dance sets up a critical underlying theme of the story. The youth The metaphor at the beginning of the But, after all, this critical circle is not close enough to the stage to see the actors faces and catch the subtler byplay that from a distance one cannot properly judge the kids. By comparing the youth to actors explains that the people are playing a role inorder to project an image to others. The girls act the whole time trying to reflect an image of something they are not. Margarie who appears to be perfect from the outside, has her act down to a tee. Everything is†¦show more content†¦The reference to the sphinx gives insight to the reader that quite the opposite is true. Marjorie is afraid that Warren may actually really have feelings for Bernice and feels threatened. You may as well stop making a foool of yourself over Warren McIntyre. He doesn t care a snap of his fingers about you (Fitzgerald 15). If Marjorie actually felt this way, she would not of approached Bernice in this manner. Bernice had successfully destructed the untouchable. Disliked by the French as a foreigner, she made herself more unpopular by her devotion to the interests of Austria, the bad reputations of some of her friends, and her extravagance, which was mistakenly blamed for the financial problems of the French government. Especially damaging was her supposed connection with the so-called Diamond Necklace affair (see Diamond Necklace, Affair of the), a scandal involving the fraudulent purchase of some jewels (1785).Marie and Louis tried to escape from Paris with their surviving son in 1791, but they were captured and brought back prisoners. In 1792 the monarchy was overthrown, and after the execution of the king and separation from her son, she was sent before the revolutionary tribunal the following year. Sentenced to death for treason, she was guillotined in Paris on October 16, 1793. Bernice had all the sensations of Marie Antoinette bound for the guillotine in a tumbrel (Fitzgerald 17). This comparison emphasizes the fact that she knowsShow MoreRelated Bernice Bobs Her Hair Essay1362 Words   |  6 Pages amp;#8220;Bernice Bobs Her Hair; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Have you ever at one time or another felt like an outsider? Many people do, trying desperately to fit in with their social counterparts. Whether it be in school, at work, or life in general, many yearn to be accepted by their peers and feel as though they are a part of some sort of amp;#8220;club; that is viewed by others as the amp;#8220;in; crowed. F. Scott Fitzgerald tries to express this turmoil with the short story amp;#8220;BerniceRead MoreBernice Bobs Her Hair : F Scott Fitzgerald862 Words   |  4 PagesEssay 2 â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair: F Scott Fitzgerald. This short story is about two cousins who have different personalities. Marjorie Harvey’s dull and boring cousin Bernice from Eau Claire is visiting for the whole month during the summer. None of the men are interested in talking to Bernice, due to the fact she is just so dull and boring, and Marjorie just wishes she would go home. Bernice overheard Marjorie, and Marjorie’s Mother Mrs. Harvey talking about her one evening just before bed, andRead MoreEssay on F. Scott Fitzgeralds Bernice Bobs Her Hair503 Words   |  3 PagesF. Scott Fitzgeralds Bernice Bobs Her Hair Works Cited Missing In F.Scott Fizgereralds Bernice Bobs Her Hair there are significant character changes noted throughout this short story. In this essay I will examine the development and representation of Bernice who is a central character. We can observe that her cousin Marjorie changes Bernices personality from a quietRead More Its Every Girl for Herself in Bernice Bobs Her Hair Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesIts Every Girl for Herself in Bernice Bobs Her Hair      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Picture a fragile glass merry-go-round, a menagerie, if you will, of adolescent social classes and structure. The animals revolve, always mindlessly following the one in front, each measuring his own height compared to his neighbors. If you fall short or fall behind, never fear, just throw a jagged rock and shatter Mr. Popularity in front, take his place, and the merry-go-round revolves still. There is no world outside, nothing mattersRead Moreâ€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair† Essay843 Words   |  4 Pagesin the short story â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair†. Both Bernice and Marjorie are young teens dealing with the pressure of being popular and fitting in. Bernice, being the quieter, shyer girl, deals with trying to fit in in a place she feels she doesn’t belong. Marjorie, the louder, seemingly confident girl puts on a front about who she is, deep down being an extremely jealous person. The characters in the story are both dealing with insecurities, eac h reacting in there own way. Bernice, from the short storyRead MoreTheme Of Bernice Bobs Her Hair844 Words   |  4 PagesSocial competition is a very important central theme in the short story, â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair†. F. Scott Fitzgerald does an excellent job portraying social competition when it comes to females and competition between popularity and acceptance. Girls can be quite viscous and its quite evident in this short story; one example, in particular, is the competition between Bernice and Marjorie. Bernice and Marjorie engage in competition with each other over many things including; Fitting into societyRead MoreWhy I Am My Friend1240 Words   |  5 PagesBeep, beep, beep. In junior high, I woke up to this sound every morning at 5:30. It was always the same routine: wake up, shower, get dressed, blow dry and straighten my dysfunctional hair, put on makeup, eat breakfast, leave. I spent hours making sure I looked pretty so I could fit in. I felt as if I had to look good to be accepted by the people I called my friends. I was a part of the â€Å"popular group,† and I thought that was who I was. However, no matter how much makeup I put on or how many HollisterRead MoreA Unique Point Of View1563 Words   |  7 Pagesinfluences Scott F. Fitzgerald’s â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair† and Sandra Cisneros’ short story â€Å"Eleven.† â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair† portrays a girl willing to give up her unique character to form a new and attractive personality from the help from those around her which she hopes will make her more mentally attractive. Furthermore, Sandra Cisneros’ â€Å"Eleven† captures a girl emo tionally unsettled who observes in herself that while she turns eleven, she also portrays emotions from her past ages of ten, nine, eightRead MoreFrancis Scott Fitzgerald828 Words   |  3 Pagescheery, witty, lyrical, and colorful all in one package. Not only does Fitzgerald have a unique style, but he puts himself into his stories. His most well-known short stories are â€Å"The Diamond as Big as the Ritz,† â€Å"Babylon Revisited,† and â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair.† In all of these, he puts a semblance of his own life. Be it with his wife, himself, or just the way the world is around him. â€Å"The Diamond as Big as the Ritz,† features Fitzgerald’s themes of wealth as well as selfishness are proposedRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s Eyes Annabel1468 Words   |  6 PagesIn 1915 a fourteen-year–old girl received a letter from her nineteen-year-old brother. The girl’s name was Annabelle and her brother’s F. Scott Fitzgerald. In Fitzgerald’s eyes Annabel was a bit socially inept, and his opening words to her were merciless, â€Å"You are as you know, not a good conversationalist and you might very naturally ask, ‘What do boys like to talk about?’ Boys like to talk about themselves—much more than girls...† (Fitzgerald qtd in â€Å"F. Scott Fitzgerald† 289) Fitzgerald then continued

Ready to Eat Cereal Case Study - 1760 Words

The value chain, Appendix B, in the RTE cereal industry consists of branded manufactures and private labels that receive their raw materials from suppliers and then distribute their product to food stores, drug stores, and mass merchandisers where the end consumer can eventually purchase the cereal product. Private labels rely on wholesalers and third-party distributors to get their product on the store shelves where the end consumer can purchase these items. In the RTE cereal industry, there were three large manufacturers, General Mills, Kellogg and Philip Morris that had a strong presence in the market. They were extremely profitable with pricing power and dominated the whole market with great market share; all this made it unattractive†¦show more content†¦Private labels also had a better relationship with the grocers because of the better margins they offered to them. This was a bargaining tool Private Labels used to their advantage. Now their product was being placed in more strategically placed locations throughout the grocery store, which increased their sales and decreased the Big Three’s sales. In addition to allowing competitors into the industry, the Big Three hurt themselves by spending millions of dollars on coupons and advertising. There was little to no results that proved these methods were effective in gaining market share. For example, the RTE cereal industry spent $800 million in advertisements and trade promotions, but did not see much reward other than non-loyal consumers switching their products based on current trade promotions. Another factor of the industry crisis was due to the fact that the Big Three stopped their united front of raising prices together. The Big Three no longer made strategic moves together and in return made it easier for others to enter the industry. At the start of the RTE Cereal Industry the Big Three offered value to their customers, however over time their capabilities were possessed by many competitors, not making their organizations rare. This hurt their competitive advantage among theShow MoreRelatedCase Study of Csd Industry, Rte Industry and Specialty Coffee Industry1679 Words   |  7 PagesA Comparison of the Carbonated Soft Drink, Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereal and Specialty Coffee Industries Using Porters Five Forces Michael Porter’s framework describes an industry as being influenced by five forces: buyer power, supplier power, threat of substitutes, threat of new entrants and the degree of rivalry between existing firms within the industry. A strategic business manager can use Porter’s model to more clearly understand the industry environment in which its firm operates and toRead MoreCereal Partners Worldwide644 Words   |  3 PagesQuestions For Case Study 1.4 Cereal Partners Worldwide Brendan McHugh 1. How can general mills and Nestle create international competitiveness by joining forces in CPW? General Mills and Nestle can create international competitiveness by joining forces in CPW because quite simply they each have unique attributes about themselves. Nestle is the worlds largest food company, is already established as a strong worldwide organization and specializes in downstream competences. On the other hand GeneralRead MoreHealthy Lifestyle904 Words   |  4 Pagescrippling cramps can effect someone for days or weeks. In some serious cases, these effects can be permanent if not alleviated immediately. You hear a lot about living a healthy lifestyle, but what does that mean? In general, a healthy person doesn t smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats healthy and exercises. Sounds simple, doesn t it? The trick to healthy living is making small changes...taking more steps, adding fruit to your cereal, having an extra glass of water...these are just a few ways youRead MoreMarket Positioning : A Successful Marketing1465 Words   |  6 Pagesthe year 1877 as the first trademark for a breakfast cereal, Quaker Oats Company has dominated the Oat meal market for over 1 century. Quaker believes that they are â€Å"Committed to uncover the power of the oat to provide families with the healthy fuel they want to help them do more of what matters.† One of the most key concepts in a successful marketing is to market positioning. In market positioning, it is ideal to be the first in a market. Studies has proven that the easiest way to get into a person’sRead MoreApple Took Advantage Of The Great Recession1586 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationship between them, and that’s an long term adaptive to the future market where the customers are more involved and they value their serv ices over the prices. Q2. Breakfast cereal industry is a very competitive industry in today’s market. Over the past century, they were few large cereal companies that led the cereal industry, and they were cooperative to increase their profit and satisfy their market. However, due to consumer’s taste changes and increase in competition, the industry has changedRead MoreBusiness Analysis : Kellogg Company1654 Words   |  7 Pagesmethods on reducing the carbon emissions during the transportation. Kellogg’s case study Introduction Kellogg company was found in 1906 by Will Keith (W.K.) Kellogg in America (A Historical Overview, n.d.). The company strives to serve the customers through the high quality of products and services. As the world’s leading producer of cereal and convenience foods, Kellogg has a wide product portfolio, including cereal bars, cookies, crackers, frozen waffles and vegetable-based meat alternatives (2009Read MoreAssignment 1 Summer B2262 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿ The Situation Kellogg’s: From Slumping to Thumping1 Kellogg’s is the world’s leading producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience foods; including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, frozen waffles, meat alternatives, pie crusts, and cones, with 2010 global sales of about $12.4 billion and a market share of more than 30 percent. David Mackey, CEO of Kellogg’s, takes pride in being part of the Kellogg’s company because of the consistency of the decisions thatRead MoreThe Dropped Sales Of Cereal1845 Words   |  8 PagesThe dropped sales of cereal. One of the main issues that I have noticed about my idea of making All-In-One product is the dropping sales of consumption of cereals. As the data shows the consumption of cereal has dropped about 5-7 percent these past couple of years (Trafecante, 2016). However, the reason is not the reducing number of people who eat breakfast, but the increasing number of variety of breakfast meal in the stores, which makes many people to switch to another type of breakfastRead MoreCereal Analysis Paper3539 Words   |  15 PagesDescription One of my favorite things to eat is breakfast cereal. I have been a cereal eater since I was a kid and have chosen to do my paper on the breakfast cereal industry. The NAICS code is 311320. The SIC code is 2043 Cereal Breakfast Foods. The SIC gives a description of establishments as primarily engaged in manufacturing cereal breakfast foods and related preparations, except breakfast bars. Cereal breakfast foods include: coffee substitutes made grain, hulled corn, farina, granola (exceptRead MoreBusiness Research Report On The Breakfast Cereals Industry1936 Words   |  8 Pagesfocuses on the breakfast cereals industry, in particular The Kellogg Company. This report will analyse the fundamental marketing issues relating to this business. Background: According to Kellogg’s, (2015) In 1906 as Americans were transitioning from heavy high fat breakfasts WK Kellogg entered the breakfast cereal industry after discovering the that a superior flake could be produced using only corn grist (Kelloggs, 2015).To distinguish Kellogg’s cornflakes from the other 42 cereal producers in Battle

Torts Memo Free Essays

George sued Jerry under a theory of intentional infliction of emotional distress, alleging various grievances. Jerry has moved to dismiss the complaint on the grounds that even if everything George alleges in the complaint is true, George has failed to allege an adequate basis for liability under a theory of intentional infliction of emotional distress. The issue at hand is should the court deny the motion to dismiss. We will write a custom essay sample on Torts Memo or any similar topic only for you Order Now The essential elements of an action for intentional infliction of emotional distress in North Carolina are 1) extreme and outrageous conduct by the defendant 2) which is intended to and does in fact cause 3) severe emotional distress. Extreme and outrageous conduct is conduct which exceeds all bounds usually tolerated by decent society. In Stanback v. Stanback, 297 N. C. 181, 204 (N. C. 1979), the courts ruled: â€Å"Although we find error in the grounds on which the Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of plaintiff’s Count Number II, we nevertheless affirm the dismissal on other grounds. The requirement that plaintiff in a malicious prosecution action based on a prior civil proceeding show some special damage resulting therefrom, as discussed supra, is an essential, substantive element of the claim. † In Hogan v. Forsyth Country Club Co. , 317 N. C. 334, 346 S. E. 2d 141 (1986), the court decided: â€Å"We hold Pfeiffer’s conduct, as shown by Hogan’s forecast of evidence, was not such as to be reasonably regarded as â€Å"extreme and outrageous† so as to permit Hogan to recover for intentional infliction of mental distress. The facts in this case are similar to Hogan. The courts ruled that the facts in Hogan did not meet the standards for intentional infliction of emotional distress set in Stanback, and decided for the defendant. Both decisions state clearly that there must be some sort of special damage and that the damage must be â€Å"extreme and outrageous. † It is my opinion that the courts approve Jerry’s motion to dism iss as the facts in this case do not meet the North Carolina standard for the infliction of emotional distress. How to cite Torts Memo, Essay examples

Strategic Management Practical Strategy Development

Question: Describe about the Practical strategy development for Strategic Management. Answer: Introduction Topic and Company background Formerly known as Coles Myer Limited, it witnessed its establishment almost a century ago Coles Supermarket Australia Pty Ltd is one of the leading and most consistent retail industries in Australia. The founding father of the Coles chain of supermarkets was George Coles and is considered to be among chief figures in the growth and development of Australian retail industries. Retailing being the family business of Georges and George decided to visit the United States in the 20th century to observe the retail practices of the retail industries based in the United States. Subsequent to the return from the United States, George started its very own retail store in Collingwood on Smith Street at Melbourne (Alexander, 2008). In the year 1985 Coles supermarkets and Myers Emporium merged together and came to be Coles Myer Limited. The Coles Myer Limited was bought out by Wesfarmers in the year 2007 after Myers emerged itself two years prior. At present the company is operating its tradition al business of retailing food products all over the Australian continent. The retail company is the second largest retailing company in Australia after Woolworths Limited. The company makes use of a self-service approach in its retail centres and further caters office and home delivery services. The company operates at 738 retail stores across Australia and grosses over eleven million transactions every week. Coles Australia Supermarkets Pty Ltd has a workforce of 113000 employees who operate at over 2200 retail outlets strewn across Australia (Allio, 2006). Company Mission and vision statement For over a century the company has continued its operation as one of the leading retail brands with its outstanding services to the customer, excellent product quality and promoting high work values among its employees. The company envisages George Coles vision and the efforts he had invested in the development of Australian retail industry, and focuses on taking its operations towards a sustainable future. The prime mission of the company is to: Support the Australian farmers by all means as they are the chief source from whom the company obtains the majority of its products. Form lasting relationships with its clients and business associates, which would result in the overall growth and development of the business (Dholakia, 2015). To bring to its valued customers its best products and services. The vision of the company is to develop their business into a premier retail brand. The company wants to achieve this without affecting its customer goodwill. They are focused on bringing quality products to their customers at affordable prices as they are doing at present. In addition, they are keen on developing the business in a manner so that they are able to support their employees, clients, associates, and other business interests. The company is conscious in regards to the conservationism and focuses sustainable development. Their vision is to create a sense of commitment among their employees and associates which would result in operation that supports sustainability of resources in each and every aspect of their business (Gondra, 2016). Organizational Strategic objectives The organizational objectives set by the company are as under: The company strives to establish itself as the only one of its kind retail brands bringing quality products to its customers at affordable prices. The company focuses on improving their customer responsiveness i.e. the way the customer feels about their products and services. The company wants to establish an efficient communication system across all of its stores and outlets. The company focuses on serving their valued clients with the best services and products. The company is focused on reinstating their customer support services to reach out to the customers in regards to their troubles (Grubb, Lippoldt and Tergeist, 2001). To manage the waste disposal system more efficiently and make its contribution towards preserving the environment. The company focuses on promoting business operations which are eco-friendly and will lead to the transformation of the company into a sustainable retail chain. External Analysis: Consumer and Markets Considerable changes have taken place in regards to the legal and political atmosphere in the last decade, which has taken its toll on the company. The Australian federal government has instated an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which has been responsible for the introduction of number changes in the competition policies of the industries. Among these there were legislative changes in regards to tax, production and distribution that have affected the retail industry in considering and formulating its business strategies. Demographic factors At the end of 2012 the population survey analysis in the country marked a 1.8% increase in its urban population. A vast majority of the population is concentrated in the countrys urban centres comprising both the indigenous people and Australian white peoples communities. The analysis further denoted that the majority of the Australian population consisted of youth (Hiriyappa, 2009). This means that the company has to focus on opening up retail centres at these urban centres for the distribution of their products. Furthermore, they should also focus on developing and promoting products that would attract people between the age group of 15-67 years. This is as bulk amount of the population consisting of people between this age group. Technological environment The last decade was a witness to the rapid spur in the technological advancement. More and more people are now relying on technology for their day to day needs. The company should focus on developing their technologies in a manner that their customers are able to reach out to them by means of employing modern technologies like mobile application systems and ecommerce. In addition, the company should also focus, providing support system for their customers and clients, where they would be able to remotely assist the customers and clients remotely and at a short notice regarding their products or delivery services (Jackson, 2006). Socio-cultural factors One of the leading trends in the current socio-cultural environment is that the consumers are more aware of the products they are consuming. Moreover, with the global trend regarding organic food products which are free of preservatives and other chemicals, people have become more and more conscious in regards to the food that are being sold to them. Therefore, in order to meet with the current socio-cultural demands of the people the company has to cater to them food products which are organic and free of preservatives (Richter, 2002). Apart from this, people have become more time conscious and give priority to those services which are able to cater to their needs within the shortest period of time. As the company has home and office delivery facility for its customers they should focus on analysing the demands of their customers and provide them accordingly. Global environment Globalization has bought great strides in the development of businesses. This revolution has not only assisted the businesses in promoting their products and services in the international markets but also has given businesses the opportunity to establish business centres in international markets as well. This means that the company can invest in an international market. For instance, Malaysian market is well reputed for the import and business for Australian fresh and preserved fruits (Sitkin, Cardinal and Bijlsma-Frankema, 2010). Therefore, the company after performing a thorough analysis on the said market may consider promoting their business. PESTEL analysis Political: Till now the business policies of Coles has not met any sort political boundaries, apart from the logistical limitations imposed by the regulations set by the concerned governing body of the particular sector. Economic: Coles has encountered economic obtrusion as a result of the consecutive droughts and the climatic change it brought. Consumers change of preference has also been a factor in this regard. Social: Coles has been responsible for educating their consumers in regards to sustainable sea-food alternatives, and has also been a partner in the 2011 WWF Australias establishment of a sustainable sea-food chain in the country (Ward and Peppard, 2002). Technological: Incorporating self service and self checkouts in their retail outlets has increased customer satisfaction and sped up the shopping process. The four Ps of the company: Product: packaged food and fresh food. Price: affordable prices. Promotions: television and radio short and long term advertisement campaigns along with multimedia promotional activities through social networking sites (Valukonis, 2014). Place: the products are supplied from the major growing regions of the country. The company 24 centres throughout the country for the distribution of fresh and chilled foods. The company further deals out its fresh food products through more 700 supermarkets across the nation. Environmental: With the rapid increase of pressure over the companies in regards to environmental issues and adopting new ways of detailed operations that can benefit the society, Coles is quite dedicated towards reducing its carbon footprint. Coles supermarket has also taken initiative to minimize the waste produced in the stores. Legal: Laws and ethics are also to be maintained by this specific section of work field. How the employee of the organization behave with the customers, if the organization is providing wrong product to the people, or the organization is putting the proper amount of tax to the table of government or anything which violates rules and regulations of the government are maintained by this wing of field. The five Cs of the company: Company: employing over 113000 employees and carrying out operations at over 2200 retail outlets. Customers: common people. Climate: doing well in regards to customer retention, and satisfaction; innovation in regards to marketing and, product strategies, financial capability and ethical work culture. Collaborators: local farmers, shepherds, ranchers, fisheries and bakers are its major collaborators focused on sustainable development. Competitors: Aldi, Woolworths, IGA and several other small and medium retailers. Conclusion The above analysis obviously clarifies the manner on how an organization like Coles supermarkets Australia will be able to maintain their business and also their aim towards developing a sustainable business culture. How the objectives, visions will put an impact on the people of the society, what should be the quality of relation among the management, authority, customers and the employees. Lastly, the strategic plans should be for an organization like Coles supermarkets Australia for their rival organizations, and how the objectives can be fulfilled by them, everything has been classified. References Alexander, C. (2008).Market risk analysis. Chichester, England: Wiley. Allio, M. (2006). Practical strategy development: a wise investment for middle market businesses.Journal of Business Strategy, 27(2), pp.31-42. Dholakia, N. (2015). Marketing as mystification.Marketing Theory. Gondra, A. (2016). Head external analysis, head raising analysis or matching analysis? Let's ask experimental syntax.Lingua. Grubb, D., Lippoldt, D. and Tergeist, P. (2001).Innovations in labour market policies. Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Hiriyappa, B. (2009).Organizational behavior. New Delhi: New Age International. Jackson, S. (2006). Coping with the PESTEL Factors in Safety and Security.INSIGHT, 8(3), pp.29-31. Jackson, S. (2007). Market share is not enough: why strategic market positioning works.Journal of Business Strategy, 28(1), pp.18-25. Richter, T. (2002).Marketing mix standardisation in international marketing. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Sitkin, S., Cardinal, L. and Bijlsma-Frankema, K. (2010).Organizational control. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Valukonis, M. (2014). CHINA'S STOCK MARKET TRENDS AND THEIR DETERMINANTS ANALYSIS USING MARKET INDICES.ecoman, 18(4). Ward, J. and Peppard, J. (2002).Strategic planning for information systems. Chichester, West Sussex, England: J. Wiley.