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Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Research Paper Example Actually, by reading through, one gets important insights on understanding the omnipresence of the role of design. Norman’s idea on The Invisible Computer is quite likable (Norman, 2002). Norman tries to establish that emotion which an essential part of life and states that the effective system makes judgments and helps tone to quickly determine the dangerous things in the environment. Just as indicated by Norman, it is quite true that advances in our emotional understanding have implications on design. Norman explores how emotional appreciation is attached to design. He gives an example of three different teapots and the emotions attached to them which compelled him to use them during different occasions. This explains how emotional design is attached to attractive things. From the discussion by Donald Norman, one is compelled to think exactly like him. For example, those products which are made to use when one is under stress should be designed in a way which is human center ed (Norman, 2002). This design then comes with a kind of emotional appreciation from the stress people and can make them more relaxed which enhance their usability through the pleasant aesthetic design. It is quite true that attractive things only work better in situations where aesthetics matter. Visceral design is simply what nature does, and it is about how things sound, look or feel. Visceral design or aesthetic appreciation cannot be separated from emotional feelings as the feeling, and the looks of a design brings about the emotional feeling. One will surely see a design and love it depending on it use, attractiveness and the emotional feelings it brings. According to Norma 2002, the pleasurable and pleasant aspects of a design usually make a person to feel more tolerant to problems and difficulties (Norman, 2002). The positive affects of a design usually enhance creativity and this make those designs which are human centered to be essential for situations or tasks which are s tressful and this how Donald Norman emphasized on the importance of design in creating pleasant emotions. 2. The philosophers tool kit (iPod and Philosophy by Wittkower) The iPod is a symbol of change which comes in the way we create and consume media and yet we are still struggling to get its meaning. The book on the iPod and Philosophy gives the theories on the iPod and brings together the older and younger minds who consider communication, entertainment technologies and impact of rapid information during the twenty first century. Each chapter in the book is a philosophical meditation of how iPodders have found the device and how it is embedded in the society and economy and has significantly changed our daily lives (Baggini and Fosl, 2011). Chapter 1: Wittgenstein’s iPod or the familiar among us and Chapter 2: The moment of the blobject has passed are the selected chapters. Epistemology is a philosopher’s tool kit used in chapter one to elaborate on science and its capabilities. The knowledge of iPod is justified, and it is scientific knowledge. Chapter one comes with questions like; what do you hear when you listen to our iPods? And what was on Wittgenstein’s iPod? All these are aimed at justifying the familiarity of the iPod to the people. Epistemology has been used in comparing listening music from iPods from listening music from Beach Boy’s classic. Intuitive knowledge as part of epistemology is evident in

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Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Negotiation - Essay Example This study employed the dual-concern model in order to carry out the research objective. Dual-concern model is widely used theoretical model of conflict resolution styles and has considered by many researchers in their studies. This conflict resolution model has linked with the two frequently used variables of intercultural research such as individualism-collectivism and masculinity-femininity. Dual-concern model has two main dimensions. The first dimension includes the concern for the individual own outcome and the second dimension involves the concern for outcomes of others. These two dimensions of this model give way to four basic styles of conflict resolution process. These four basic styles are avoidance, accommodation, competition and collaboration. Avoidance is basically a strategy people adopt to go the conflict unsettled or allow others to resolve the problem. In this model, avoidance has low in concern for both self and others. Accommodation is basically sacrificing owns goal in order to fulfill the necessity of others. This style of resolving conflicts is low in concern for self but high in concern for others. Competition is mainly a win-lose style. It is an attempt to fully benefit own self while forget about others therefore competition is high in concern for self but low in concern for others. Collaboration is categorized as win-win proposition. This style has high in concern for self and for others as well. Individual who are collaboration oriented will resolve the conflict if really exists in a way that both the parties are equally satisfied and compensated. People belong to individualism culture consider themselves as a distinctive body. The people belongs from this culture are highly in concern for satisfying their own personal needs. However the people from collectivism culture are totally in contrast to individualism. They are not self oriented people. They